Illegal or not – the police of Hamburg don’t care

Press release #12, July 7th 2017

On the 6th of July ,the police pursued their harassment  against protestors  during there journey to the „welcome to hell“ demonstration. Several buses from Denmark where held up for multiple hours and searched. The police also Controlled busses from Berlin and requested the passengers to unlock their cellphones so that they could have acces to the device’s data.

On Twitter, the police defended their actions: „We have controled several bus passengers & the IMEI-numbers of there phones in the port area. No apps or personal data where redout. Once again the police was acting without any legal basis. To criticism of their clearly unlawful approach, the Hamburg police reacted in the usual arrogant manner: „Every citizen has the right to appeal. The judicial review of police measures can be initiated by everyone.“

On July 6th, at Hamburg airport, seven people from Italy were denied entry without reason but with reference to the G20 summit. The seven persons landed in Hamburg at around 2:30 pm with an airplane from Bologna. It was only after 6 hours, around 8.30 pm, that five of the seven people where able to leave the airport. The other two are still denied entry by the Federal Police. Justification for this procedure: a black hooded sweater, solid footwear and woolen gloves with leather applications – which the police called „scene-typical clothing“.

But why shouldn’t people from other EU-countries be able to participate in a demonstration of the left-wing scene in „scene-typical cothing“? A demonstration by the way, for which no conditions were imposed by the Hamburg administrative authorities. Once again, the authorities of Hamburg prove, that they are violating civil-liberties as they want, whenever it seems politically opportune.